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A Bright Future: Hello and Goodbye



We are both delighted and saddened to announce the retirement of our General Manager and Owner, Paul E. Lucy, from Southport Printing Company.  Paul purchased the company in 1993, then operating under a franchise name.  He came into ownership with a broad and balanced background of experience, having worked in both general management and senior-level marketing.  Combined with his degrees from Boston College and Columbia and his experience as a platoon leader in the US Marine Corps, he was well prepared to take the helm.  Through superior leadership and dedication to our customers, Paul grew the company to the trusted and well-known entity it is today; taking the company from a corporate franchise to a strong independent brand.   His hard work has ensured our continued success as we say a fond farewell and look ahead to the future.


He leaves us in good hands.  Longtime employee, Joshua Parison, is proud to become the new owner of Southport Printing Company.  Joshua joined the team back in 1998, serving as Manager and Art Director for over 11 years.  In 2009, he took a full-time position in pastoral ministry for a large church in Maine, but maintained strong ties with both the company and the industry.  Purchasing Southport Printing now allows him to continue the exceptional legacy he, Paul and our dedicated staff members (past and present) have built.  Familiar with both our customers and industry, he will keep Southport on the leading edge of printing, design and marketing services while providing the same consistently excellent customer service and value to our customers.   Joshua’s leadership experience, design skills and headstrong determination to be the best promise a bright future for Southport Printing Company and our customers.

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  • We are so grateful for your expertise, timeliness, willingness to drop off and just all around ease to work with.

    -Education Program Director
  • “The entire Southport team is dedicated to providing the highest quality of customer service and very best product to the Greater Seacoast Community.”

    -Local Non-Profit Director
  • “Quality, service, exceptional staff and economical pricing are all reasons why every document that we use in our business is printed by Southport.”

    -Retail Owner
  • “You did a terrific job changing all our letterhead, envelopes, logos, cards, etc., in a very timely manner.  You always make me feel like a valued customer.”

    -Local Non-Profit Director
  • “As a graphic designer, my standards for print services are high.  Southport Printing has exceeded those standards and more than met my expectations.”

    -Local Graphic Designer
  • “You could write the book on how to exceed expectations, anticipate needs, demonstrate consistent commitment and wow your customers in every way.”

    -Respected Business Consultant
  • “Southport continues to be the example we use wherever we explain expectations of partnership and performance with a vendor relationships.”

    -Leading Advisory Firm
  • “I love your work.”

    -Large Health Care Provider